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G-Whizz! for Google Apps - The #1 Apps Browser app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 720 ratings )
Social Networking Productivity
Developer: G-Whizz! Apps, LLC
Current version: 4.0.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 30 Sep 2010
App size: 23.83 Mb

Join millions of users around the world in enjoying the #1 apps browser in the App Store and one of iLounges 100 Essential Apps! G-Whizz! is the easiest way to use your favorite services and has been reimagined and recreated to be easier-to-use and more useful than ever.

In addition to everything that has made G-Whizz! so popular, you can now enjoy the following features:

• Support for iOS 9
• Support for new iPad split screen multitasking
• Support for iPhone 6/6 Plus
• Easy access to your favorite Google apps, plus the most popular social apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and more
• Support for multiple Google accounts (finally!)
• Support for more than a dozen languages
• Protect your data with an app passcode
• Personalize the app with infinite theme colors (available as an In-App Purchase)
• Enhanced browser with the ability to share to your favorite social networks
• Support for Lootsie - a fun way to earn rewards just by using the app! This feature is optional.
• Plus much, much more

Try G-Whizz! today for FREE and discover what youve been missing!

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This app and content herein is © 2010-2015 G-Whizz! Apps, LLC. All rights reserved. G-Whizz!™ and the G! logo™ are trademarks of G-Whizz! Apps, LLC. Certain other trademarks and copyrights referenced in the app are the property of their respective owners.

Pros and cons of G-Whizz! for Google Apps - The #1 Apps Browser app for iPhone and iPad

G-Whizz! for Google Apps - The #1 Apps Browser app good for

Love this App. Recordings are very crisp and undistorted. Layout is uncomplicated. Downloads are quick. Tiny minus - Play Button should be easier to access.
I love this app, it brilliantly brings together all my accounts!
...really love the ease of having every major app relating to mail in one place...job well done
Whoa!... So I can actually make money using this app.... Dats cool
Nice to have everything in one place. A wee bit glitchy, but better than everything else out there!
I am a team member of so many Affiliate programs and Social Networks and have found so many incredible Apps that at times i find it difficult to keep everything in order. Downloading this highly efficient App...... Lets just say it was somewhat like installing the perfect organizer in my rapidly expanding "Social Closet " I no longer have to search my Home screen for my most valued Applications , Once i connect to GWhizz they are all in one place and at my finger tips. How AWESOME is that ??? Thank you Google, :) Once again i c

Some bad moments

Just a glorified browser bookmark app. Save yourself the time and just make bookmarks.
Here Laggy, here boy. Gmail takes longer to load in this app. Once Im in my inbox doing my inbox thing (read emails) I exclaim: "I have hit the back button." You cant scroll between messages if you have an email open. Gosh darn it. Gesh a goosh a gesh. Takes too long to load Laggy, very laggy.
I used to be quite happy with this app, however since you added the pop-ups at the bottom I cant delete my e-mails! Ive been forced to use another app because I cant clear anything out of my inbox. The other quirk I had was from my groups, I cannot open the e-mails. I also had to use another app to read any of those.
this app puts everything Google in one place. but there are plenty of glitches. using Drive is really slow to open and when editing, the scroll feature is really laggy and the cursor is never in the right place. it floats "above" where you want to type and theres no easy way to navigate in the document when editing. seems like this wasnt actually made for touch devices. also, when opening app, password protect doesnt always show up or even work. multiple times when password request had been set, the password screen would appear, but no keyboard! then if you just close the program and reopen, you can bypass the password lock automatically. so as for security, this is not up to any sort of standard. all in all, it does the job, but really only barely. as far as mobile apps go, this is sadly probably the best around. perhaps one day app developers will truly make mobile computing a priority instead of an after thought. UPDATE: down from 3/5 Stars to 1/5 now the app is slower than ever! stupid ads every time you open the app and the push notification NEVER works properly anymore. doesnt notify when theres mail and if it arbitrarily does, wont get rid of the badge after Ive read it. obviously the developers have abandoned this app. junk! better off using actual gmail app even though you have to have a separate app for Drive & Google+. this app is not worth the stress.
It is slow to open & Lags. I hate the adds. I expected more from this app actually. Im disappointed in it really. I only keep it simply bc I hate using the fb messenger app for messaging.
Nothing better than average at best! Have "want" and "need" totally reversed! If u translate, copy and paste to see how close translation is, 50% of the time its awesome and the rest of the time its hit and miss.

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